Apricot Drift® Rose

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Double apricot colored flowers begin blooming in spring and display a season-long show of color. It is just as tough and disease resistant as others in the series. Best suited for small gardens or along paths and walkways.

Apricot Drift® Rose was selected as one of the Top 10 Roses at the UGA Trial Gardens in 2012.


Apricot Drift® Rose

Plant Type: 
Flower Color: 
Flowers / Petal Count: 
Small, 30-35 petals
Growth Habit: 
Hardiness Zone: 
1 1/2'
Meilland International
Light Requirements: 
2 1/2'

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It's low, spreading habit makes it perfect for small gardens and combination planters...

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NE Wisconsin had its worst winter in 100 years. We've been "drifting" up out of Zone 4 but this was a Zone 3 winter. My Apricot Drift rose spent the winter under 2-3 feet of snow along the driveway (no salt) but no other particular protection There was some die back but a lot of the plant made it; yet I cut it way back in early spring. After an abnormally cold, wet spring, it began to bloom in mid June and it is just GORGEOUS. Growth habit as described. I give it a helping rose food on the holidays and that's all I have to do. VERY happy with this plant and will be getting more.

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I've been growing roses since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and this is the very best rose I've ever seen! It blooms from April through the first frost. Carefree , with no diseases. I do apply fertilizer, compost, lime and azomite to the soil (amendments), and prune as needed. You hardly have to deadhead! I receive many, many compliments on these roses... they are my pride and joy!!! The (regular) Knock-Out roses are good, but the Drift Rose (I have the Apricot Drift) is just unbelievable!

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I have to agree. I have the knockout roses and this year I also bought the drift roses. I do like the drift much better although they are both great!

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I planted 3 of these this Spring (May, 2016) and I just love them! The blossoms are a petite size with a lovely shape and the delicate color is beautiful. I'm hoping they endure a central Ohio winter with no problems (I have 4 Knockout Roses that are 5 years old, so I expect no trouble on that score.). The chances are excellent that I will plant more of these next Sprimg....maybe the coral!

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