2015 Introductions

For 2015, we are proud to introduce five outstanding new roses. The Best Kept Secret™ Rose is a fragrant and disease resistant Hybrid Tea. The Icecap™ Rose is a pure white landscape shrub resulting from the combined breeding efforts of Will Radler and Meilland international. Look-A-Likes® Apple Dapple is a new addition to the popular Look-A-Likes® series. The Pretty in Pink Eden® Rose is a climbing Romantica® Rose with all the great qualities of the Eden® rose. And finally, The Peachy Keen™ Rose, an exceptionally disease-resistant landscape shrub, so impressive you’d swear it was a Knock Out® Rose!

We are just as excited about our two new woody plants.  Einstein™ Clethra is an exceptional introduction with long white racemes of blooms reaching up to 12” long. Chocolate Fountain™ Albizia is the only purple foliage weeping Silk Tree on the market. We consider both to be very special and unique plants.

Star® Roses and Plants continues to work with hybridizers all over the world to bring the most researched, tested, unique and beautiful varieties to the market.

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