Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Ostan

Job Title: 
Customer Service Representative

Time with Star® Roses and Plants: 
Two months

Flame Thrower Cercis

Q: Can you share a little about your work background and how you got your start at Star® Roses and Plants?  

A: I worked in the automotive industry in an accounting department for 24 years, working various positions as I grew with the company. After moving to a different county, I transitioned to a remote job for a title insurance company working primarily in customer service. When I saw the position open so close to home at Star® Roses and Plants doing something I knew I would love (customer service), I knew this could be a great opportunity for me in a brand-new field.  

Q: What are a few aspects of your typical workday? 

A: In my typical workday, I answer customer service calls and emails about products, help to place orders for our customers, and assist my territory managers with anything they need me to process. This could be following up with a customer, placing an order, changing an order, inputting claims, running pricing and availability reports, checking with suppliers, really anything they need help with during their day.

Q: What is one thing about your role that you enjoy, or an aspect of your job that you feel especially equipped to succeed in? 

A: I want to make our customers happy. When I am able to place an order or get the customer what they are looking for, or am able to answer a question to help them make a decision, I feel like that is what I am here to do. I am hoping to be an asset to my territory managers to make their workday a little easier and be able to assist them where I can. 

Q: We’re lucky to work with a product that is beautiful and alive: plants! Can you speak to how that affects you and the way you do your work? 

A: I am a plant and flower lover, so to work in this industry is exciting. I love researching what we grow and learning about all the products. To be able to fulfill an order and make a customer happy is rewarding for sure. 

Q: What is something that surprises you about the horticulture industry?  

A: How many plants and flowers there truly are. And also how much work and care is behind the scenes. I never knew about breeding and production and what went into creating such beautiful plants and flowers. 

Q: It’s hard to choose a favorite plant, but what is one that you particularly love right now?  

A: The Flame Thrower® Cercis. As soon as I saw it the colors just were absolutely stunning. Every time I see it in person or in the catalog it just always catches my attention and I am determined to own one. 

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’ve received or one thing you’ve learned from working in the horticulture industry? 

A: I have learned so much already, but working with a live product is way different than anything I have worked with. It is always changing and new products are always being introduced. It’s pretty amazing to see and learn about the “behind the scenes” when it comes to breeding or trying to introduce something new into the market. 

Q: When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun? 

A: I love spending free time with family and friends, and my animals of course. I absolutely love being outdoors or taking scenic drives. We are huge Philadelphia sports teams fans, so there is always a game on at my house. I LOVE to cook and spend a lot of my time in the kitchen. I love seeing plays and shows and like to attend at least one every year.