Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Waltz

Stephanie Waltz

Job Title: 
Rose Trial Coordinator

Time with Star® Roses and Plants: 
1 year

Bolero Rose Bloom

Q: Can you share a little about your work background and how you got your start at Star® Roses and Plants?  

A: I spent many years in the horse industry as a rider, barn manager, and teaching riding lessons, as well as some time in Print and Advertising, before I went after my plant passion. I found my way into Plant Health Care, where I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mentor who taught me a great deal. When I saw the job listing for the Rose Trial Coordinator position, I felt like it was written just for me—and now here I am, living the dream! 

Q: What is one thing about your job that you particularly enjoy?

A: I quite literally get to stop and smell the roses on a daily basis!   

Q: Is there anything that surprises you about the horticulture industry?  

A: The amount of time that goes into getting just one plant out into the world to be commercially available, is mind blowing There are so many people “behind the scenes” that make each one possible. 

Q: We’re lucky to work with a product that is beautiful and alive: plants! Can you speak to how that affects you and the way you do your work? 

A: I have always loved nature and gardening. So, working with plants, especially roses, truly makes me happy. I feel like this is what I am meant to be doing and wish I had found my way to it sooner. The beauty we are surrounded by every day is such a gift. 

Q: It’s hard to choose a favorite plant, but what is one that you particularly love right now?  

A: It is so hard to choose just one, every time I turn around, I feel as though I have a new favorite! But, the rose Bolero really stands out. The fragrance is amazing! 

Q: Many plant trends come and go over the years. Is there one trend or plant that you wish would have taken off and stuck?

A: There isn’t really one that I can think of that didn’t stick, but I am glad that we are breeding the fragrance back into roses. For many years we had lots of beautiful blooms that had very little fragrance

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’ve received or one thing you’ve learned from working in the horticulture industry? 

A: Plant trees, even though you may never get to sit beneath their shade. I have always loved that.

Q: The 25th Anniversary of The Knock Out® Rose is coming up in 2025. Do you have a personal Knock Out® story? Why do you think it has been so revolutionary?

A: The first roses I ever bought were Knock Out® Roses! And I still have a couple of double reds at home now. The flower power and low maintenance make them attractive and accessible to all levels of gardeners.

Q: When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun? 

A: I try to spend as much time outside as I can! I have been horseback riding since I was young, and now have a small farm with my husband. I spend a lot of time taking care of the property and gardening, as well as caring for our horses, dogs and chickens