Trials & Test Gardens

We operate full testing facilities on both the East and West coasts. Roses must per­form well in our three locations in order to be introduced to market. We also con­duct extensive production trials to make sure that each new potential introduction performs well on its own roots, in containers as well as in the garden. This sets a very high standard that is unmatched in the industry.

In roses, we evaluate and test more than 1,000 potential new varieties from all over the world at all our locations. They undergo an extensive three-year trial period with no spraying for pest or dis­eases, and are subject to preliminary market feedback. At the end of the process, between 25 to 30 varieties survive the process. At this point, our experts determine whether or not to enter the roses into a two year trial at 15 gar­dens located across the Unites States. We organize these trial sites internally and make sure to visit them every year to see how our roses are doing. On average, 12 to 15 potential new releases are tested each year. Following the results of these nationwide trials, usually 5 to 7 new roses make it to the market.

We also evaluate our new peren­nials and woody plants along similar rigorous evaluation processes. Every year, breeders trust us with hundreds of plants that undergo the same thorough process that results in such popular releases as Thuja Fire Chief™, Nepeta Ju­nior Walker™ and Buxus ‘Highlander’. Award winning Care­free Wonder™, Carefree Delight™, Carefree Spirit™ and of course, The Knock Out® Rose, are some of the most popu­lar graduates of this very difficult process.

Looking forward, we are committed to work even harder at increasing the performance and quality of our new introductions to better meet the higher expectations that consumers have come to expect from Star® Roses and Plants, the leader in bringing new plants to North American gardens today.

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