The 411 on Drift® Roses

Certified Landscaper, James Wilhite stopped by KETK NBC News to chat with Bob Brackeen and Jen Jacobson about -- you guessed it -- Drift® Roses.  Many novice gardeners still operate under the belief that roses are high-maintenance and need frequent sprays and trimming to really thrive in their garden.  People would shy away from purchasing these Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses, which used to be the standard garden roses.  Then in 2000, the industry was taken by storm with the introduction of The Knock Out® Rose.  This shrub rose bred by Will Radler set a new standard in disease resistance with little to no maintenance required.  “Everyone realized they could grow roses again!”

People’s eyes were opened once again in 2007 with another breakthrough in breeding – Drift® Groundcover Roses.  Ideal for small gardens, Drift® Roses are a cross between full-size ground cover roses and miniature roses.  They retained the best features of both.  From the ground cover roses they kept toughness, disease resistance and winter hardiness. From the miniatures, they inherited a well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature.  

You will see in this video that James Wilhite is certainly a fan of Drift® Roses.  Not only will they bloom non-stop from spring to first frost, but they do well in the winter too, which he appreciates just as much.  The subtle changes in foliage color along with the rose hips bring seasonal attraction gardeners can look forward to.  As James so charmingly put it; “I think with a little frost on a rose hip – there’s hardly anything prettier.”  Well said indeed.

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