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By Jacques FerareJune 23rd, 2015

As we all know, real estate prices in California are completely unrealistic. So when my wife and I decided to move after the kids left for better and bigger things, like college, we decided to downsize and move to a place where she has wanted to live since we came to the Left Coast. Part of this...

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War and Peace: Roses and F15’s

By Jacques FerareMay 4th, 2015

Every year in mid spring I have the opportunity to go to Arizona to look at our rose crops that we will receive from our growers for the following season. One of the most interesting facts about the Arizona rose growers is that their farms are located right by Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix. In...

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Roses in the Drought

By Jacques FerareApril 13th, 2015

As California enters its 4 th year of drought, we will be living under mandatory state water restrictions — the first ever for the state. The restrictions will affect mostly urban areas, and therefore what happens in the garden. Roses in the Drought was also the topic of a talk I attended a while...

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