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Stop and Smell the … Our List of the Most Fragrant Roses

By Jacques FerareJanuary 25th, 2013

By Jacques Ferare and Kristen Smith Recently, one of our Facebook fans asked us to list our 10 most fragrant roses. What a good question! We put our heads together and came up with 10 – plus two more. Plant any of these in your garden and enjoy their lovely fragrances all season long! Yves Piaget™...

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To Name A Rose

By Jacques FerareNovember 30th, 2012

Sometimes I think the most difficult part in the development of a new rose is to give it a name. Choosing the “varietal name," which is the one under which a new rose will be patented, is easy. We take the first three letters of the breeder’s name (MEI for Meilland , RAD for Radler , SPR for Jim...

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Is This Rose Fragrant? Depends on the Nose of the Beholder!

By Jacques FerareNovember 16th, 2012

In my most recent blogs, I discussed how to define fragrance in roses and how it can be transmitted to future generations, as well as how it can be described to create new perfumes . Here I will try to answer the very basic question of what makes a particular rose fragrant (or not), and why some...

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