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Transplanting Roses

By Kristen SmithMarch 13th, 2013

There may be many reasons for wanting to transplant a rose. Maybe the existing location will be under construction, perhaps you would prefer it in a different part of the garden for aesthetic reasons, or you may be moving. Whatever reason you have for deciding to move your rose, choose wisely when...

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Kristen Smith Rose Chat Radio Interview

By Kristen SmithSeptember 7th, 2012

Rose Chat Radio recently welcomed our own Kristen Smith for an interview. Kristen discussed Francis Meilland™ , a beautiful new hybrid tea rose that will be available in 2013, the history of Star Roses & Plants/Conard-Pyle , and our many other beautiful roses. You can listen to Kristen’s entire...

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To Water or Not to Water, That is the Question

By Kristen SmithAugust 21st, 2012

The best time, way and frequency to water during dry spells Well, it has been quite a hot summer so far. Have there really been six heat waves in southeastern PA? I’ve lost count... but that is what I overheard on the news report the other day. The few summer thunderstorms passing through have...

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