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They Should Have Called it Yellow

By Steve HuttonApril 12th, 2013

The second season of the year, the one between winter and summer, is for some strange reason called Spring. Looking at the landscape over the past five days I have decided they should have called it Yellow. After an easy winter that stayed way past the March equinox - the beginning of spring - we...

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A Trip to Arkansas

By Steve HuttonMay 15th, 2012

Last week I joined my Conard-Pyle colleague and fellow blogger, Kyle McKean, for a couple of days with P. Allen Smith at an event in Little Rock. Twenty-four garden bloggers from around the country got together to tour some local gardens and to spend one day visiting Allen's stunning Garden Home...

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Of Pectorals and Pruning

By Steve HuttonApril 10th, 2012

At some point in the long slog of human evolution we developed pectoral muscles, and I’m glad we did. I make sure I use mine at least once a year, and this is that time -- pruning time . Pectoralis major, in case you’ve forgotten, is the large muscle in the chest, going from the breastbone to each...

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