“An Evening Among the Roses”

We recently attended the ninth annual Jasper Crane Rose Garden Party, “An Evening Among the Roses” hosted by Friends of Wilmington Parks. It was a wonderful event that honored Michael Porro, a lifelong lover and advocate of the parks.

Star® Roses and Plants has been a long time supporter of the Jasper Crane Rose Garden and Friends of Wilmington Parks by donating numerous roses throughout the years. This year, we donated 75 roses to the organization, which were in abundant bloom just in time for the party.

We’re always happy to help this local garden (a short 35-minute drive from our West Grove, Pennsylvania, office) because of the many benefits it brings to the city of Wilmington and its residents.

Here are just a few benefits gardens bring to urban communities:

  1. Enable and encourage people to exercise.
  2. Relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  3. Improve mood and enhance psychological well-being.
  4. Help build healthy, stable communities.
  5. Help reduce air pollution.

If you are ever in the area, consider visiting this stunning garden. To learn more about the Jasper Crane Rose Garden and Friends of Wilmington Parks, visit http://www.friendsofwilmingtonparks.org/.

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