Everywhere You Look...

By Allison Hess

When I first started working at Star® Roses and Plants in Chester County, Pennsylvania, I must admit that I had never heard of The Knock Out® Rose. Having been here nearly a year now, I’m astounded by my ignorance.  Knock Out® Roses are EVERYWHERE!  It’s rare to even leave my house for a quick drive without noticing a Knock Out® variety flourishing in a neighbor’s yard.  Naturally I feel the need to share each sighting with the friend or family member who is with me at the time.

Recently a co-worker and I identified several locations that presented great opportunities to photograph local Knock Out® plantings.  It didn’t take long to realize that this quick photo expedition could easily turn into an all day affair.  As we drove to and from the various sites, it was difficult not to stop along the way for a few impromptu snapshots whenever a particularly striking Knock Out® rose caught our eye.

Whether bordering the fence of a family home, creating a striking backdrop outside the establishment of a local business, or even an unexplained abundance of rose bushes right along the side of the road, Knock Out® Roses are indeed everywhere you look.

For more images of urban Knock Out® rose plantings, check out our pinterest board dedicated to The Knock Out® Family of Roses.

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