Fertilizing Knock Out® and Drift® Roses

How to Fertilize your Knock Out and Drift Roses

Are you wondering when you should fertilize your roses? The good news is that Drift® and Knock Out® Roses will perform beautifully even without fertilizing! However, if you choose to give them an additional boost, it's very important not to fertilize until after the roses are established and go through one bloom cycle.

Here are some additional tips:

  1. Use a balanced fertilizer or fertilizer formulated for roses from your local garden center and apply after the first wave of flowering (be sure to follow the specified rates and method of application provided on the product label).
  2. Make sure the soil is moist before you fertilize to avoid burning the roots.
  3. Do not fertilize late in the summer as this is the time the rose should be preparing themselves for dormancy and you do not want to create unnecessary new growth that will likely die back from the first hard frost.

For more information on caring for your roses, visit our how-to page.

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