Getting Your New Roses – Online or In Person?

Everyone loves heading to the local garden center on that first nice day of spring and picking out a beautiful new rose from among the rows and rows of choices. But what if the store doesn’t have the exact variety you want? Do you order it? Make a second choice? Try another retailer?

Maybe the answer is: shop online. A simple Google search will turn up several websites that will allow you to order the roses you want, and have them delivered right to your door at precisely the time when they should be planted. Many of these will be bare root roses, which bear little resemblance to the beauties they will become but are an affordable alternative and allow you to get a jump start on the planting season. Ordering online may be a better option if you are trying to track down or want to discover a new or hard-to-find variety.

Of course, shopping in person offers advantages as well. While early in the growing season, you may see bare root roses in the stores, as it gets later, you will see more container roses. These have already leafed out and most will be in boom, so you can see how the finished product looks. You may decide, for example, that even though you had your heart set on a red rose, you can’t stop staring at the pink one. You can also inspect the plant for general health, size and other important characteristics, to make sure you are buying a rose that will perform.

As for me, I purchase most of my new additions in person, but I supplement that by ordering a few special or hard-to-find items online.

So, how do you get most of your new roses – online or in person? If you answered “in person,” start here to find out where to buy Knock Out®, Drift®, and Star® Roses near you.

Star® Roses and Plants employees share their unique horticultural perspectives.

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