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The Grassy Patch

I don’t consider myself a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, but over the last few years, I’ve really enjoyed learning about plants.  I’ve learned that although plants can sound very complicated and overwhelming, there are really a few basic things that you need to know and follow.  Plants that need full sun should be planted in a very sunny spot.  Plants that need shade should be planted in a very shady spot.  And finally, make sure you choose plants for the right location.  Easy, right?  I know, but these very basic principles can make or break your success in the garden.

We moved into our home in May of 2007.  It’s a modest colonial farmhouse on a half-acre that borders a sprawling cornfield.  We were so busy unpacking, starting new jobs and getting settled, that I didn’t spend too much time paying attention to the existing landscaping.  The following summer, after we had some time to get to know the plants, we made some big changes.  With some apprehension, we pulled out a lovely perennial garden that hugged the curve of our driveway.  The previous owners had selected nice plants, but hadn’t accounted for how big they would eventually get.  A Butterfly Bush had grown so big that it scraped our cars every time we left the house and the few ornamental grasses had grown so big that they impeded the path leading up to the backdoor.  By the end of the season, our cars had crushed the floppy stalks of sedum and the wispy remains of coreopsis.  It was sad, but it had to go.

We removed the garden, re-located some plants to other parts of our property and made nice with the neighbors by giving them a wheelbarrow full of bulbs.  In the interest of time, we leveled the ground and planted some good old-fashioned grass.  Very boring, but with plans to eventually re-do the slowly rotting back porch stairs and convert the landing into a much needed mudroom, it would have to do.

Five years later, we have grand hopes to finally build the mudroom this spring.  Between our busy jobs, the general craziness of our life, a ten year old step-son and a six month-old daughter, two dogs and one cat, we hope to squeeze it in sometime between when the daffodils bloom and when my Knock Out® roses finally fade in late fall!  The grassy patch will get a well-deserved facelift as well.  When we lay down some pavers, I plan to start a container garden for all of my herbs.  It will be nice to come home to the smell of rosemary, basil, and mint, which I’m pretty sure, won’t scratch my car.

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