How to Plant a Bareroot Rose

Step 1: Use the right tools

For this job, you will need the following tools: a shovel (or spade), pruning shears, and a wheelbarrow (optional).

Step 2: Pick an Appropriate Spot to Plant

Your rose bush will need at least 6 hours of sun each day, so choose a sunny spot to plant.

Step 3: Clean Up Bush

Because there may have been some damage to your bareroot rose while it was being shipped, if necessary, trim a small amount from the top of the canes, as well as some from the tips of the roots.

Step 4: Dig Hole Big Enough For Plant

Dig a hole that is wide enough and deep enough for the roots of your bareroot rose.  Pile some dirt back into the hole to create a cone shape mound for the roots to rest on and spread the roots over this mound.

Step 5: Cover Roots With Soil

Cover the roots of the bareroot rose with soil.

Step 6: Water

Give your bareroot rose a large drink of water to settle the soil so there is no air left around the roots.

Step 7: Mound Soil Around Canes

Mound soil up to almost the top of the canes to protect the rose from drying out.  When new shoots start to appear, gradually pull the soil away from the plant so that the rose bush is back at the proper level.

How To Plant a Bareroot Rose: EXTENDED VERSION

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