Leaning Tower of Peas-A

Okay, we’ll it’s not leaning and we are not in Italy, but…I couldn’t resist the catchy title for this blog post.  We do have a tower of sorts and we do have peas.  Loads of them!

After a few years of experimenting with different trellises, towers, and tuteurs (you may remember the Tomato Steeple my husband built), I think we’ve finally come up with a great way to grow our peas and beans.  Here’s a hint: up.

These particular peas and beans are the climbing type, not the bush type, so they do like to climb and they want to go as high as possible.  Think Jack and the Beanstalk-high.  At already over 5’ tall, these vines continue to climb and climb and climb, and are already producing pods of crisp green peas and beans.  Not quite ripe or ready yet for eating, I showed my daughter how we can grab a pod right from the vine and give it a crunch.  The idea was intriguing but the bitter taste left her wincing!

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