Meals From the Garden

By Martha Thompson

Last week, I shared some of what is growing in my garden here at Star Roses & Plants. Today I'm sharing some of the meals I made with my harvest! I love to eat and I love to cook and I love to eat what I cook.  There's something so thrilling and rewarding about growing your own vegetables and then preparing a meal with them.  It's your very own farm-to-table!  Although it's been a slow start in the garden this year (we've had some less than ideal weather in Pennsylvania), here are a few things that I've been able to make so far.  You'll notice an overarching theme of zucchini...there's always so much of it! Tomatoes and zucchini:  Although most of my tomatoes are struggling to turn ripe right now, I have been able to pick a few small red ones.  So, with those, a fresh zucchini and some basil also from the garden, I made a quick sauce and put it over some quinoa pasta.  Super easy and delicious!

Swiss chard and zucchini: Using some store bought produce, I added in my fresh-from-the-garden swiss chard and zucchini to make a hash that I topped off with a fried egg.

Zucchini:  Again using some store bought produce and a fresh-from-the-garden zucchini, I made some spicy, roasted veggies and put them over pistachio couscous and topped it off with a lemon and mint (from my herb garden) vinaigrette.

Swiss Chard:  For lunch, I like to go outside and cut a few pieces of swiss chard and make a salad with it!  I added some store bought strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette to this one.

Strawberry and swiss chard salad

Mint:  I added some fresh mint from my herb garden, strawberries and lemons to some water and let it sit for a while.  A perfect summer refreshment.

Mint, lemon and strawberry water



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