New Plants for 2021!

We have a lot of new plants this spring that we’re pretty excited about... and we hope that you are too!

Sitting Pretty™
Sunset Horizon™
Enchanted Peace™
The Petite Knock Out® Rose

Apple Perfection™ Abelia
Raspberry Perfection™ Abelia
Dapper™ Lavender Buddleia
Dapper™ White Buddleia
Akadama™ Hydrangea
Bellini® Guava Lagerstroemia
Bellini® Strawberry Lagerstroemia
My Fair Myrtle™ Lagerstroemia
'Tuscan Flame' Nandina
Empire™ Nothern Lights Spiraea
Empire™ Ice Dragon Spiraea
New Age Lavender Syringa
New Age White Syringa
'Red Hot' Tecoma
Emerald Squeeze™ Thuja
'Flamingo' Tulbaghia

Silver Dollar™ Blueberry
Midnight Cascade Blueberry
Sapphire Cascade Blueberry

Since they’re new this year, quantities may be limited this season but we recommend checking your local garden centers for availability. If they aren’t carrying them, please request them. For more information about these plants and others, click here!

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