Small Space Vegetable Gardening Yields Big Results

Summer is officially here and all that spring busy work is finally starting to pay off.  The soil of my small vegetable garden that was so carefully dug and enriched in March is finally starting to aid in producing some great stuff.  A few leafy greens, spinach, and peas have been harvested and I’m looking forward to the bountiful harvests of summer and early autumn, as tomatoes and beans will be coming on within the next few weeks.  It is a great feeling to sit back and watch as tiny little seeds planted only a few months ago are transforming into the produce they were destined to be.

We have been fortunate this season to have plenty of rain so everything is growing along happily.  The only additional work I’ve had to put in lately is pulling a few weeds and sowing succession crops.  I enjoy the diverse colors and textures provided by different vegetable crops.  The red stems and veining of the beets, the fernlike foliage of the carrots, and the blue green foliage and tendrils of the peas provide beauty and diversity to the garden. Beyond the vegetable garden there are a few container plants I’m excited about. Vaccinium ‘Top Hat’ is beginning to ripen with its big, sweet blue berries.  My toddler son and I greet it every morning as we leave for the day.  He usually picks off a berry to try even if it hasn’t quite yet ripened. Since we live in the city, our garden space is limited. This gives me some motivation to try other fruit crops bred for containers or small spaces.


One plant that is not exactly for small spaces is a lemon.

My lemon tree is in its fourth season this year.  Last year it produced three lemons.  I’m hoping our yield will double this year and we will get 6 lemons! It is a fun plant to have around and watch each year as it produces more and more fruit.  I’m hoping for reliable rain for the rest of the season to keep the container plants and garden growing strong, but I’ll keep a few watering cans at hand, just in case!

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