War and Peace: Roses and F15’s

Every year in mid spring I have the opportunity to go to Arizona to look at our rose crops that we will receive from our growers for the following season.

One of the most interesting facts about the Arizona rose growers is that their farms are located right by Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix. In fact the only reason there is still some farmland left in that part of the greater Phoenix area is because they cannot build houses in the landing and takeoff path of the airplanes.

It is always interesting to try to have a conversation when the noise level is higher than in a football stadium, and you are constantly distracted by the sight of the mighty warplanes doing their stuff while you are trying to concentrate on what is happening in the fields.

Luke AFB is where pilots learn how to fly the latest generations of fighters, so I think it is safe to assume there will be roses growing in that area for quite a few years since the base will also be the training ground for the new F35 currently being developed. Looking at the quality of the crop they can grow there year after year, it doesn’t look like the plants are affected by the noise, and I guess I better make sure to bring earplugs for as long as I will be visiting these fields.       


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