What's the Most Useful Thing Dad Ever Taught You? Share His Best Advice for a Chance to Win Everyday Roses

We all know dads are great teachers. So in honor of Fathers Day, we'd like to know: What is the best skill, advice, or tip your dad ever taught you?

Maybe it was teaching you to drive, or how to find the perfect hot spot on the grill. Maybe it was just the right way to cut the grass, or prune your roses. Or maybe it was a piece of advice that has stuck with you throughout the years.

Share your dad's best advice in a comment below. We will pick our favorites to win a copy of Everyday Roses, the new book by Paul Zimmerman that tells you everything you need to know about roses – with some spectacular photography of your favorite Knock Out®, Drift®, and Star® Roses.

The fine print: You must also like our Facebook page to be eligible to win. Comments must be posted by noon on Friday, June 14, at noon EST to be eligible to win. Winners will be notified no later than Friday, June 21, and will be contacted at the email address provided for blog comment. (Your email address will not appear on your comment, and we will only use email addresses to contact the winner.)

So let’s hear it! What's the best skill, advice, or tip your dad ever taught you?


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