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2012 Blogs

The Story of Eyeconic® Roses

By Jacques FerareMarch 27th, 2012

I met Jim Sproul, the hybridizer of the Eyeconic® Roses , for the first time a few years ago, after he started to send us some of his novelties for unsolicited evaluation. He did not do this to force his materials into our research, but because he did not know how we handled these things. At this...

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Welcome to our blog!

By Steve HuttonMarch 27th, 2012

It was an easy winter here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Probably where you are, too. A few days ago, on an atypically warm day (typical for this year, though), my wife and I went for a walk on our usual circuit. It’s a couple of miles down a country blacktop where we often don’t see a car the...

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