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2013 Blogs

Roses for Autism

By Jacques FerareOctober 31st, 2013

A great idea that I thought was worth sharing. Perhaps a model you can use to reinvent your business? This is a bit different than what I usually blog about, but after watching this video sent to me by a good friend, I couldn’t resist sharing it. It is the story of how a florist rose greenhouse in...

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Bringing In the Bay Laurel

By Kristen SmithOctober 3rd, 2013

Fall is finally here, a wonderful gardening season for many reasons. Temperatures are dropping, bothersome biting bugs (mosquitoes) are becoming less of a nuisance and the colors of autumn reappear once again. Robust reds, glorious goldens, bold browns, brilliant bronzes, perfect purples, and crisp...

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Top Rose Gardens

By Guest BloggerSeptember 20th, 2013

Take a video tour created by John Patrick Smith of some of the world's top rose gardens. Summer may be almost over, but this video of some of the world's most beautiful rose gardens will help you hold on to the blooms just a little bit longer!

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Steve Hutton Talks Roses

By Steve HuttonSeptember 6th, 2013

This week, Star® Roses & Plants/Conard-Pyle President and CEO Steve Hutton was a featured guest on Rose Chat Radio . He spoke about new introductions for 2014, Star® Roses & Plants/Conard-Pyle's relationship with Meilland International , and many other topics of interest to rose lovers of...

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Catching Our Drift at the IGC Show

By Guest BloggerAugust 23rd, 2013

Drifts of Drift® Roses —that’s what we brought to the Independent Garden Center (IGC) Show in Chicago this week! We talked about Drift® Roses, showed off our Drift® Roses, and worked hard to make sure show attendees were able to “catch our Drift.” (Sorry, we just couldn’t stop ourselves.) Our...

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