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2013 Blogs

Everywhere You Look...

By Guest BloggerAugust 15th, 2013

By Allison Hess When I first started working at Star® Roses and Plants in Chester County, Pennsylvania , I must admit that I had never heard of The Knock Out® Rose . Having been here nearly a year now, I’m astounded by my ignorance. Knock Out® Roses are EVERYWHERE! It’s rare to even leave my house...

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Take Your Garden to Work

By Guest BloggerAugust 1st, 2013

By Martha Thompson At our office this spring, we planted a community vegetable garden. Everyone was offered a 6’x12' plot in which we could plant whatever we wanted. There is a mix of everything out here — from corn and cabbage, to potatoes and watermelon, and even some cut flowers. Everyone has...

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Small Space Vegetable Gardening Yields Big Results

By Kristen SmithJuly 19th, 2013

Summer is officially here and all that spring busy work is finally starting to pay off. The soil of my small vegetable garden that was so carefully dug and enriched in March is finally starting to aid in producing some great stuff. A few leafy greens, spinach, and peas have been harvested and I’m...

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Knocking Out Breast Cancer with Pink Knock Out® Roses

By Guest BloggerJuly 12th, 2013

We are excited to announce the dedication of the Pink Knock Out® Rose to the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition . The rose honors the group’s advocacy and education work, and breast cancer survivors in Pennsylvania. Pink Knock Out® Roses are now part of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence rose...

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What's the Most Useful Thing Dad Ever Taught You? Share His Best Advice for a Chance to Win Everyday Roses

By Guest BloggerJune 10th, 2013

We all know dads are great teachers. So in honor of Fathers Day, we'd like to know: What is the best skill, advice, or tip your dad ever taught you? Maybe it was teaching you to drive, or how to find the perfect hot spot on the grill. Maybe it was just the right way to cut the grass, or prune your...

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