Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles On Your Roses

For many, summertime means warm temperatures, cool lemonade, and lazy days.  But for some roses, summertime may bring Japanese Beetles. If Japanese Beetles snack on your Knock Out® Roses, don’t worry! They will not be detrimental to the overall health of your Knock Out® Roses, so if you can stand them it is ok to leave them alone.

If you are seeing Japanese Beetles and would like to get rid of them, we recommend using these natural methods as opposed to using harsh chemicals.  Chemical insecticides can be harmful to the good garden bugs, such as bees.

1. Pick each beetle off and drop them into a bucket of warm soapy water, repeat this every couple of days and it will help to get rid of the beetles.

2. You may also want to try creating a welcoming habitat for birds, installing a bird house or bird bath - Japanese Beetles are a tasty snack for the birds!

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