Growing Double Knock Out® Roses

Roses seem to have everything a gardener could want: beauty, fragrance and a variety of colors, shapes and forms. But roses also have a reputation for being difficult to grow, and in many cases, they’ve earned it. Hybrid teas need regular spraying or dusting to combat diseases and pests. Climbers need training and tying up. And most roses demand regular fertilizing, watering and mulching, along with careful pruning and grooming. Roses can be the stars of the garden—but they can be fussy and frail, too.

Plant breeders had been working to produce easier-to-grow roses for years when Wisconsin rose breeder William Radler introduced his new Knock Out Rose in 2000. Rosarians were thrilled to discover a new rose that had the best qualities of a classic rose, but that demanded much less care. The rose was named an All America Rose Selections winner the same year it debuted, and Knock Outs have been snapped up by consumers ever since.

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