A Visit with William Radler

More than 80 million Knock Out® roses have been sold since the first was introduced in 2000, making it the best selling rose series in the U.S. It’s also becoming more popular overseas, especially in Europe, Australia and Japan. Two of the seven varieties have been chosen as All American Rose Selections.

With such overwhelming success, you might expect that Radler, now 70, would be slowing down or at least would have moved his rose breeding operation to a larger, more high tech facility. If so, you’d be wrong on both counts.

Radler is planning to step up his rose introductions from one or two a year to as many as five. He especially wants to expand beyond the shrub and climbing roses in his portfolio.

The goal? “I want everything,” said Radler. He hopes to have so many rose varieties that it will require a separate catalog to list them all.

“Everybody hears about the Knock Outs®,” Radler said. “They don’t realize I have 27 roses in production. They might not all be Knock Outs® but most of them are low maintenance roses, the kind of roses people are looking to put in their gardens.”


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