The Knock Out® Family of Roses

What type of soil do The Knock Out® Family of Roses prefer?

They prefer a balanced "neutral" soil, neither acidic nor alkaline. A desired pH level is between 5.5 and 6.5.

I have several Knock Out® Roses that were growing great this year and then all of a sudden all the growth turned brown and dead. The stems on some of the plants are still green. Any suggestions to revive them or are they doomed?

If the roses can easily be pulled up from the ground, it might be gopher or mole damage underneath at the root level. Unfortunately if the roots are pretty chewed up, you'll want to purchase a new plant. You might want to look at a gopher/mole repellent in the meantime.

What colors or color combos are being worked on for the Knock Out® Rose?

We are always working with breeders and hybridizers to develop Knock Out® Family worthy introductions, in all colors, forms and habits.

Does a Knock Out® Rose smell like a typical rose?

The only true fragrant Knock Out® Rose is The Sunny Knock Out® Rose.

Are there any climbing Knock Out® Roses?

Unfortunately, there is not a climbing Knock Out® Rose. We are always working with breeders and hybridizers to develop new Knock Out® Roses. You may want to try Morning Magic™, Winner's Circle™ or Brite Eyes™.  All were bred by Will Radler who created The Knock Out® Rose. They are hardy to zone 5 and all are repeat bloomers with above average disease resistance.

Does the Knock Out® Rose produce rose hips?

All of The Knock Out® Roses will produce hips sparingly but unlike some other roses, they aren't all that interesting looking. The flowers are the main attraction.

Is there a white Knock Out® Rose?

Yes, there is a White Knock Out® Rose. You can learn more here.

My Knock Out® Roses wilted after they were planted, will they bounce back?

Could be transplant shock. Make sure you give them a good, long drink of water. When a plant wilts, it is usually very thirsty.

Do Knock Out® Roses grow faster when you deadhead them or is it better to just leave them alone?

Knock Out® Roses will re-bloom from spring to frost regardless of deadheading. Deadheading does offer a cleaner, tidier look. Often people choose to deadhead to remove the faded blooms.

I have a Knock Out® Rose that has two different colored blooms. What's going on?

This sometimes happens when a variety is a mutation of another variety. Sometimes it wants to revert back to the original. It will happen randomly and not always, so enjoy the bloom while it lasts.


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