Tree Roses

Can tree roses be grown successfully in cold climates?

Yes. If other roses can be grown there successfully, then tree roses may also be grown. An important item to remember is that in areas where the temperatures fall below 10 ' F in winter, tree roses must have careful winter protection by wrapping them with insulating material to protect them from the cold and wind. In the colder areas where the temperatures fall below zero, the only adequate protection for tree roses is to lift them in late fall before very severe freezing weather and bury them in a trench covering them completely with a foot or more of earth.

Any special instructions to keep the shape of my rose tree without getting top heavy?

Your rose tree should not get too out of control or top heavy in one season. Keeping it deadheaded after a flush of blooms will help for sure, or it can be sheared back as needed to keep it balanced. If sheared really hard, it may take several weeks for it to come back into full bloom.

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