Streamline Your Hydrangea Program with Sweet Starlight™ 

Sweet Starlight™ Hydrangea

Sweet Starlight™ can save you time.

Take the panic out of paniculata with Sweet Starlight™ Hydrangea, the newest addition to the Hydrangea program from Star® Roses and Plants.  

When introducing a new Hydrangea, it is critical that it brings unique, problem-solving characteristics to the crowded market. This variety does that.  

We’re confident that this new Hydrangea will help you streamline your SKUs because it has all the necessary and desired characteristics of a top-selling shrub. Instead of offering numerous Hydrangea paniculata varieties to cover your features & benefits bases, you can now offer one powerful genetic that not only matches, but exceeds, older varieties on the market. 


All the traits you need in one sweet package:

  • Sturdy stems = no flopping 
  • Abundant, bright white blooms from summer to fall 
  • Flowers age beautifully from light to dark pink 
  • Pink color onset appears as early as July, while temperatures are still warm 
  • Dense, compact habit is ideal for gardens of all sizes or foundation plantings 
  • Requires less trims and minimal maintenance 
Sweet Starlight™ Hydrangea
Sweet Starlight™ Hydrangea

This is one versatile Hydrangea!

The market is full of varieties with mandatory brand requirements, and we thought it was time someone introduced a Hydrangea with options. This plant can be grown in a black pot or offered in your own house brand. Or, if you want to leverage the robust and recognizable Bloomables® brand, Sweet Starlight is one of the included varieties and, may we say, it looks quite sharp in the packaging! 

Sweet Starlight™ Hydrangea

Why give Sweet Starlight™ a try?

  • Doesn’t flop   
  • Stays under 5’   
  • Blooms earlier   
  • Turns pink sooner   

Go ahead, try a new kind of light. 

Sweet Starlight™ Hydrangea

What The Industry Is Saying:

“A standout in the world of Paniculata Hydrangeas. [I’m] very impressed with the strength of the stems holding those large blooms. Bloom time is one of the earliest I’ve seen, and the entire crop was very uniform all finishing at the same time. The attribute that may impress consumers the most is how quickly the white blooms begin to start turning a beautiful pink from the bottom up, even with the warm days of the deep south.

Kip McConnell, Plant Development Services