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Full Sun


Salix sachalinensis ‘Golden Sunshine’

Bright gold foliage and small white blooms emerge in spring and persists until the late fall.


Rhaphilolepsis Oriental Pearl

Masses of large white blooms appear in the spring on this low-growing, drought-tolerant plant making it a m


Pieris japonica ‘Fire N Ice’

A stunning evergreen shrub cherished for its delicate and showy chains of small white bell-shaped flowers a

Physocarpus ‘Amber' | Star Roses and Plants

Physocarpus Alouette

An exceptional physocarpus that has a warm mix of copper, gold, and orange foliage.

Physocarpus Black Jack | Star Roses and Plants

Physocarpus Black Jack

This physocarpus has exceptionally dark, black-purple foliage that clearly stands out from other varieties.


Physocarpus Lemon Candy

Lemon yellow to chartreuse foliage is persistent from the spring until the fall. White blooms appear in the


Photinia Fireball Red

The compact habit with tight internodes and small leaves makes this variety an excellent choice for landsca


Photinia Dynamo Red

Rapid upright growth of 3 to 5' per year and a dense self-branching habit, makes Dynamo Red a great shrub i


Nandina domestica 'Sunset Boulevard'

'Sunset Boulevard' has an incredible array of new growth colors including yellow, coral, orange and sunset.


Nandina domestica 'Sunset'

'Sunset' has beautiful lacy burgundy new growth, which develops into dark green smaller leaflets resulting


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