Bushel and Berry® Introduces Three New Strawberry Plants

Rosy Belle™, Scarlet Belle™ and Snowy Belle™ are the First Strawberry Varieties Added to the Collection. 

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West Grove, PABushel and Berry®, the collection of homegrown berries from Star® Roses and Plants, is excited to announce the introduction of three new strawberry plants for 2021. These ornamental, everbearing strawberries are the first non-blueberry additions to the collection since the Baby Cakes® blackberry plant was introduced in 2016.

The new strawberry varieties are as follows:

Rosy Belle™ is both beautiful and tasty with rose, pink blooms and sweet berries that grow abundantly from spring until frost. It’s perfect as a border plant or grown in pots. Rosy Belle™ has a cascading habit that will reach 6-9” high.

Scarlet Belle™ has scarlet red blooms with yellow centers that produce juicy strawberries all season. Plant in patio pots, hanging baskets, or garden beds for a rewarding and scrumptious crop. Scarlet Belle™ has a cascading habit that will reach 8-12” high.

Snowy Belle™ is a deliciously sweet treat to grow in the garden and enjoy at the table. This strawberry variety has big, white flowers that produce an abundance of flavorful fruit. Snowy Belle™ has a cascading habit that will reach 8-10” high

“These new strawberries are reliable with great performance in multiple regions of the country,” says Kristen Pullen, Bushel and Berry® Program Manager at Star® Roses and Plants. “They also have a quick production time of about 8-10 weeks from potting in greenhouse or tunnel production.”

With edible gardening continuing to rise among consumers, these compact, everbearing strawberries are a versatile addition to any garden space that will offer fruit all season.

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