Where to Buy and Plants for Your Zone

Every plant we introduce undergoes extensive trialing across the United States.  From this testing, we know where they will perform best.  Some plants thrive in certain climates but not all do well in every part of the country.  Enter in your zip code below to find your zone and see which plants will work best for your area.

Our products are sold at independent garden centers, big box stores, and many online retailers throughout the country. The Knock Out® Family of Roses and Drift® Roses can be found at most garden retailers, however, more specific roses and shrubs from Star® Roses and Plants, may have limited availability at select stores.  Always call ahead for availability. If a garden retailer does not carry the variety that you are looking for, please request it!

Are you a retailer that carries Star® Roses and Plants products in your store? If so, please  click here  to help us create a comprehensive retailer locator feature.


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