Breeding and Development

Over the years, we have introduced many award winning plants, one of the most notable being Knock Out® Roses. Since our founding, our philosophy when introducing new plants has been based on two principles. First, we maintain very close relationships with hybridizers who entrust us to evaluate their seedlings. Second, we maintain a superior testing facility to ensure that only the best plants are introduced.

Star® Roses and Plants works with well-known and amateur hybridizers to introduce their plants to market. This commitment goes back to the mid-1930’s when Conard-Pyle partnered with Meilland® International, and with Kathleen Meserve, who single-handedly redefined Hollies in North American gar­dens. Those enduring relationships, as well as more recent ones with Will Radler, the breeder of the Knock Out® Rose and Dr. James Sproul, creator of Eyeconic® Roses, a collection of break­through, hybrid Hulthemia roses, highlight our commitment to bringing new and excit­ing plants to market.

Our Trialing Process

We operate full testing facilities on both the East and West Coasts. Roses must per­form well in our three locations in order to be introduced to market. We also con­duct extensive production trials to make sure that each new potential introduction performs well on its own roots, in containers and in the garden. We evaluate our woody, edible, and peren­nial plants along a similarly rigorous evaluation process. By utilizing a select and distinguished group of trial partners all over the country, we can perform intense and thorough zone testing, vigorous trialing in containers and in-ground, and comparison trials against the best introduced varieties. The plants we introduce must do more than look pretty; they must fill a market need. Our commitment to these high standards sets us apart, allowing us to introduce plants that ARE better and ARE different. Our testing and evaluation of rose, shrub, and edible varieties continues to expand as we upgrade and develop newer and more rigorous methods to ensure the excellence of all plants we introduce. We’re constantly striving towards cutting edge genetics and processes to ensure the final product will be highly successful and enjoyable for the end user.

“Rose Hell:” Our rose test fields in West Grove, Pennsylvania
“Rose Heaven:” Our rose test fields in Wasco, California
Our no-spray rose test fields in Arroyo Grande, California
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