Shrub Planting: In Ground

1. Pick a Place to Plant​

Depending on the light requirement found on your plant’s tag, choose a spot that will receive the appropriate amount of sun each day.

2. Dig a Large Hole​

Dig a hole slightly larger than the container. Work the soil at the bottom of the hole with your shovel so that it’s loose and aerated.

3. Remove Shrub from its Container ​

Remove your shrub from its container. Use your hands to gently loosen the roots at the bottom of the plant.

4. Plant Your Shrub in Ground ​

Place plant in the hole, ensuring that the base of the plant is level with the soil.

5. Fill in Soil around Plant ​

Add soil back to the hole around the plant. Crumble the soil so that it is nice and aerated. If desired, mulch around plant.

6. Water Shrub until Established ​

Water your shrub thoroughly around the base of the plant, allowing the water to soak in. Repeat as necessary. For the next couple of weeks, check in and water the plant as needed to ensure it stays healthy.