Rose Planting: Fiber Pot

Roses come in all shapes and sizes, which is one reason they are universally admired. Fiber pot roses are one such type of packaging. Though not as common to find as bare root or potted roses, fiber pot roses are an easy way to get your rose garden started.

What is a fiber pot rose?

If you’ve never planted a fiber pot rose, you might be surprised when you pull off the shrink wrap or packing materials and discover the fibrous, cardboard-like pot inside. But don’t be intimidated! These types of plants are just what the name suggests: a rose in a fiber pot that will break down once planted. 

Your rose may be dormant when you purchase it, or it may already have signs of leafing out and sprouting new growth – either is normal for the early time of year when fiber pot roses can be purchased.  

There are a few benefits to a fiber pot. First, it reduces the use of plastic in plant packaging. Second, it offers a simplified planting process, as the entire pot can be buried in the ground, eliminating the trouble of wrangling dirt clods and sprawling roots! 

Whether you purchase your fiber pot rose in a store or have them shipped to you from an online retailer, it is important to plant them as soon as you have them in hand. This will promote the best growing results. 

Steps for planting a fiber pot rose:

  1. Select a planting location that receives 6+ hours of sun each day. 

  2. Dig a hole 3–4” deeper and wider than the pot. 

  3. Mix your native soil with an equal part of a good soil conditioner, such as compost, well-rotted manure, or topsoil. 

  4. Remove plastic wrap from pot. You can plant the biodegradable fiber pot directly in the ground. If doing so, make a 6” cut down either side of the pot before planting. You can also remove the fiber pot and plant the rose directly in the ground. 

  5. Find the place on your rose where the canes meet the roots and bury this 2–3” below the soil surface. Tip: If you are planting a budded variety, this will be the bulge of the bud union.  

  6. Water thoroughly after planting and every few days until rose is established.

Do fiber pot roses need special care?

Once planted, your fiber pot rose will require the same care and upkeep as a bare root or potted rose. There is nothing additional needed to keep them growing and blooming, so long as you took care to plant correctly, with enough light and adequate water.