Robots in Horticulture

I was visiting growers in the South a few weeks ago, and I had the opportunity to see robots at work spacing plants in the nursery. Yes robots! It may sound unbelievable, but there are in fact quite a few of them now in operation all over the US. They are the next big thing in automation in Horticulture, and the first real breakthrough in outdoor nursery production. It was not the first time I ever saw them, but the first time I saw them in action and, even better, moving Knock Out® Roses

Looking at them operate, I kept remembering the 1972 movie Silent Running, a Science Fiction movie in which Bruce Dern plays the last Horticulturist alive, orbiting in space on a station hosting the last living plants left. Most of the work tending plants was done by a couple of robots nicknamed Huey and Dewey who strangely resembled the ones I saw in operation at that nursery.

Automation is becoming increasingly important in what we do. It has already happened to a large extent of the greenhouses that produce bedding plants and vegetables, but these robots are the first step in outdoor nursery production, the last frontier…

Robots in Horticulture

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