Fertilizing Roses

How and when to fertilize your roses

There is no need to fertilize your rose the first year of planting.  It needs this time to get established and spread roots.  Adding fertilizer may actually hinder your rose rather than help it.

Subsequent years if you choose to fertilize, the first feeding of your roses should be done when the bush first leafs out. For the remainder of the growing season, fertilize after each flush of blooms. Stop fertilizing about 2 months before the first frost as this is the time the rose should be preparing itself for dormancy and you do not want to create additional unnecessary new growth that will likely die back.

Go to your garden retailer to find a commercial rose food or general-purpose fertilizer and apply according to manufacturer instructions.  Scratch dry fertilizers into the soil beneath the leaves – but not touching the canes or bud union – and water well.

Fertilizing Roses

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