Star® Roses and Plants to Showcase The Petite Knock Out® Rose at Cultivate’20 Virtual

Star® Roses and Plants will present the new Petite Knock Out® Rose at Cultivate’20 Virtual, exhibiting July 13-16. The Petite Knock Out® Rose is the newest addition to The Knock Out® Family of Roses. Exceptional flowering ability and easy maintenance of the original Knock Out® Rose is now perfectly packaged into a revolutionary, petite size. 

The Petite Knock Out® Rose has non-fading, bright red flowers on top of unique, dark and shiny green foliage. Breakthrough breeding also makes this rose extremely black spot resistant. The mature plants are 18” tall and hardy to zone 5. Its versatility and flower power will change the way people approach roses. 

To get an inside look at this new variety and chat with experts, visit the Star® Roses and Plants booth at Cultivate’20 Virtual. To learn more about The Petite Knock Out® Rose, visit For Cultivate’20 Virtual show information and registration, visit